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Violent and Property Crime

Aggravated Battery: Butch Slaughter was retained to represent a defendant charged with aggravated battery.  The client was the publicist for an entertainer, who had also been charged with the same crime. On the morning of trial, the Sate dismissed all charges.

Aggravated Battery: Butch Slaughter was retained to represent a former NBA player charged with aggravated battery causing permanent bodily injury. The client, who was a partner in a car audio and customization business, was videotaped during a fistfight with his business partner.  The business partner suffered a bloody nose and cracked ribs and called 911 insisting that the client be arrested. Because of the allegedly cracked ribs, the State Attorney’s Office charged the client with aggravated battery, which would have required a minimum mandatory jail sentence if convicted. The business partner also sued the client in civil court, seeking damages against him for the alleged injuries. Through the use of depositions and a human factors expert, the defense team demonstrated that the alleged victim was the antagonist for the fight and that his claims of injury were false.  The 911 tape, synchronized with the video, proved that the alleged victim was not actually hurt, but was merely acting on camera after the fight took place.  As a result of the defense team’s work with the video and audio evidence – coupled with the human factors expert, Butch Slaughter obtained a dismissal in the civil case against the client and in the criminal case, the State Attorney’s Office reduced the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Aggravated Manslaughter: Butch Slaughter was retained to represent a church-run day care center and the church’s pastor on charges of aggravated manslaughter for the death of a two-year-old who was found dead in the day care’s van four hours after she and the other children returned from a picnic. The deceased child was African-American while the vast majority of the teachers were white, which led to allegations of racial bias throughout the local community. The case presented a number of constitutional issues, including: the separation of church and state; the imposition of corporate criminal liability for the negligence of its teacher-employees; and the recusal of a potentially biased judge.  During the trial, the teacher who was responsible for leaving the child in the van, along with the four additional teachers, tried to shift blame for the child’s death onto the pastor.  Fortunately they were impeached by their own statements made the day of the incident that were inconsistent with their trial testimony.  At the conclusion of the trial, the defendants were found not guilty on all charges.  This trial was televised by Gavel to Gavel on Court TV in September 2003.

Armed Robbery: Butch Slaughter was retained to represent a client who was charged with armed robbery.  The state alleged that the client walked into a Wal-Mart, filled a shopping cart with items he never purchased and brandished a pistol at a security officer who tied to prevent him from leaving the store with the shopping cart. Through the discovery process and depositions, the firm was able to show that the eyewitness could not positively identify the client as the gunman.  The Office of the State Attorney dismissed all charges.

Involuntary Manslaughter: Butch Slaughter was retained to represent a helicopter pilot, whose helicopter crashed on Interstate 4 in Orlando, claiming the life of his passenger. Investigators were gathering evidence in an attempt to prove that the pilot was intoxicated and was “horsing around” as he flew over a vehicle containing his wife and his passengers’ girlfriend who were driving on I-4.  The defense team was able to prove to investigating authorities that the crash was the result of sudden storm conditions and that proper vectoring was utilized.  Unfortunately, a gust of wind forced the helicopter into power lines as it attempted to make an emergency landing.  The investigation was concluded and no charges were filed against the client.

Rape: Butch Slaughter and his partner were retained to represent an NBA player who was accused of rape by a young woman. The alleged victim’s father, a member of a black separation group, tried to extort $600,000.00 from the client before the first game of the season.  The father and daughter threatened that they would go to the police and media if the money was not paid.  The client refused to meet their demands. The alleged victim and her father held a press conference and picketed many of the games at the beginning of the season. Butch Slaughter’s criminal defense team was able to develop evidence of inconsistent, untruthful, and conflicting statements made by the alleged victim.  The client took a polygraph exam administered by the same polygraph examiner who cleared Richard Jewel in the Atlanta Olympic bombing case.  The polygraph showed that the client was truthful.  Additionally, DNA testing revealed that the alleged victim was not being truthful.  As a result, the State Attorney’s Office never brought any formal charges against the client.

Vehicular Homicide: Butch Slaughter was retained to represent a national freestyle water-skiing champion who was involved in an accident in which the car he was driving hit and killed a young man.  The client, along with six or seven of his friends, was camping in the middle of a 1220-acre tract of land.  During their stay, they were attacked by a number of young men in their early twenties.  In the ensuing minutes, the individual who was killed ran toward the client’s car in an aggressive and menacing manner.  At the same time, the client was on the phone with a 911 operator because of the earlier altercation.  In an attempt to avoid the victim’s onslaught, the client veered to the left but the car struck the victim.  Mr. Slaughter demonstrated to the prosecutor that the vehicular homicide would be an inappropriate charge, as this was clearly a case of self defense.  Consequently, the prosecutor charged the client with the lesser crime of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death.  Mr. Slaughter then filed a motion to dismiss the case based upon lack of jurisdiction and, after oral argument, the case was dismissed.

Vehicular Homicide: Butch Slaughter was retained to represent a defendant who was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide arising out of the death of the client’s best friend in a traffic accident.  The client and his friend were riding in a vehicle on Interstate 4 in Orlando, Florida. According to eyewitnesses, it appeared that the vehicle was being driven recklessly and was playing tag with another vehicle, when it flipped. The deceased friend was not wearing a safety restraint at the time of his death.  FHP investigators were unable to assess the speed of the vehicle because of the rain-slicked highway. The jury was in deliberation for a total of eighteen minutes.  The client was acquitted.

Second Degree Murder: Butch Slaughter represented a defendant who was charged with second degree murder after having shot a man inside the defendant’s home while no other witnesses were present.  After investigating the physical and testimonial evidence secured from the scene, taking the deposition of the alleged victim’s abused wife, and enlisting the aid of a former chief medical examiner as an expert witness, Butch Slaughter was able to successfully demonstrate that the defendant had acted in self defense and that the state had concealed exculpatory evidence.  Butch Slaughter’s pretrial investigation efforts revealed that the defendant was justifiably afraid of the alleged victim who had a history of being physically abusive, who had previously bragged about killing multiple people, and who had refused to leave the defendant’s home after having been repeatedly demanded to do so.  The pretrial investigation further uncovered that the State had concealed evidence from the defendant that the alleged victim was intoxicated at the time and was a previously diagnosed schizophrenic who had been off of his medication for at least 45 days at the time of the event.  At a subsequent hearing on the motion to dismiss filed on behalf of the defendant, Butch Slaughter was able show the judge that all of the evidence in the case, including that which had been withheld, was consistent with the defendant having been forced to arm himself and shoot the alleged victim who had become uncontrollable and had started towards the defendant in an aggressive and threatening manner.  Because it was evident that the State would not be able to prove a case of second degree murder against the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt, the judge granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss. The defendant was acquitted and the case never proceeded to trial.

Grand Theft: Butch Slaughter and his partner were retained to represent the chairwoman of a governmental agency and political fundraiser.  The client was charged with grand theft for allegedly continuing her political activities around the state and country while on the governmental agency’s payroll.  The defense team demonstrated that the client was salaried, rather than an hourly employee.  She performed all of her duties and worked more than her required 40 hours per week.  On the eve of the trial, the State Attorney recommended that if the client would enter a plea of no contest, she would receive no jail, probation, fine, or community service and adjudication would be withheld.  The client accepted the offer.

Theft: Butch Slaughter was retained to represent a former NBA player and coach on the charge of theft of $100,000.00.  While his divorce was pending, the client allegedly forged his wife’s signature on a bank application for a $100,000.00 loan.  The defense team was able to prove though ink analysis, a handwriting expert, and a polygraph examination that the bank employees had perjured themselves by stating that the client took the loan application home and returned with his wife’s signature affixed to it.  In actuality, the client had his wife’s power of attorney, which he presented to bank employees, and then signed her name on the loan application in front of the employees. Additionally, the defense team proved that the loan manager was on work probation and was being pressured to extend more loans.  The charge was dismissed.  Mr. Slaughter subsequently brought in civil counsel, who filed a civil action against the bank.  The client eventually settled the civil suit for an undisclosed six figure amount.

Theft of Trade Secrets: Butch Slaughter was retained to represent an individual charged with theft of trade secrets from the client’s former employer/partner.  The law firm filed, briefed, and argued a motion to suppress, which the court ultimately granted.  All evidence concerning client lists, patient lists, treatment, and files were suppressed.  The State continued to prosecute under a different theory.  However, the court suppressed all statements made during the alleged settlement discussions between the parties, and the case was ultimately dismissed with prejudice meaning that it was not permitted to be filed again.

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